Lee Jun Ki to meet with his idol Seo Tai Ji

WOW….never knew his idol is Seo Tai Ji and O_O looking at STJ and LJK – sometimes they do look-alike !

Actor Lee Jun-ki to Meet his Childhood Idol Seo Taiji

Actor Lee Jun-ki recently said, “I am extremely honored and nervous to finally meet my idol.”

During a recent interview, he also asked, “Is there anyone who hasn’t been a fan of Seo Taiji at one point or another? Do you know anyone like that?” He also went on to say, “I was a huge fan and he was a great inspiration.”

Seo Taiji, who recently released his 8th single album, will meet with Lee in a special program entitled “Seo Taiji’s Comeback Special” on MBC TV that will be aired on August 4. Lee will meet the legendary singer as a fan.

Lee said, “As I got older, I became saddened by the thought of losing the innocent passion I once had for my idols. I still can’t believe that I am going to meet the idol of my childhood. I really want to feel that passion once again.”

Source: KBS Global


2 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki to meet with his idol Seo Tai Ji

  1. i am not into Korean rock songs (i think the Japanese are better in this genre) and therefore, i can’t really appreciate the greatness of Seo Tai Ji .. heh heh. i love MC the Max though … but their songs sound more Japanese than Korean!

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