4 Asian Films selected for Main Competition in Venice FF

The four movies are Gake no Ue no Ponyo (Miyazaki Hayao), Sky Crawlers (Oshii Mamoru), Achilles and The Tortoise (Kitano Takeshi) and Plastic City (Yu Likwai).

If Im not mistaken, Plastic City is that film that has Odagiri Joe in it… I have watched both trailers of the animation movies (Ponyo and Sky Crawlers) and they were nice although I want to watch Ponyo more than SC. Maybe because I don’t know what’s SC about but the director is quite well-known though ~~

Click here to read the full article on Variety Asia Online…


5 thoughts on “4 Asian Films selected for Main Competition in Venice FF

  1. whoah … didn’t know that Kitano has a new movie!! thanks for the info. i wonder if Ponyo will make it here. wasn’t Spirited Away shown at the cinema here previously? if it had, there might be a chance that Ponyo will also make it to our local cinema rite?!

  2. Well… Spirited Away was shown like … 1+ year later, if Im not mistaken… by that time, I already saw like so many times of the movie — but LOL, I did go to the cinema to watch it again on the big screen (by that time, I already into the stage where I could tell you what’s the next scene and what the characters were going to say/do 😛 )

  3. dvd of Ponyo is available already here. it’s only RM12.99 … but then the quality is so so … like other so-called ‘original’ dvds produced here.

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