Seo Tai-Ji shoots Blockbuster MV in Easter Island

I’m not a fan of Seo Tai-Ji – I don’t listen to his song but the title of the news caught my attention as it involves “Blockbuster MV”…I do like MV so Im wondering what did the news meant by adding blockbuster in the title. Is it going to be an ultra long MV since it is that expensive ? I wonder…

Seo Tai-Ji shoots Blockbuster MV in Easter Island

Legendary Korean pop star Seo Taiji, who will be returning this season with his 8th studio album, recently shot blockbuster-level music videos worth 800,000 dollars in Chile and Canada.

In order to share his travel experiences with his fans, Seo produced a music video for his title track entitled “MOAI.”

Featured in his music video are some of the world’s most famous travel destinations including Chile’s Death Valley, Moon Valley, Easter Island’s Ahu Tongariki and the Canadian Niagara Falls

Seo’s management agency said that while shooting in Easter Island, Seo nearly crashed in a helicopter because of strong gusts. The company said several crew members also had a difficult time while shooting at high atltitudes.

Following the album release on July 29, Seo will appear in a special program entitled “Seo Taiji, student number 25, Class 1, Freshman, Bukgong High School” on MBC on August 6. He will then go on to hold his comback concert entitled “ETPFEST 2008” on August 15 at the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

Source: KBS Global

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