Some movie reviews

I found these from twitchfilm site – thought interested parties may want to take a look. There’s a glowing review of Odagiri Joe’s movie, Adrift in Tokyo, and of course, Red Cliff’s reviews. πŸ™‚

Adrift In Tokyo review

Red Cliff review

Another Red Cliff review


6 thoughts on “Some movie reviews

  1. thanks for the links to the reviews. i’ve already ordered Adrift in Tokyo from Yesasia and also hope to watch Red Cliff on the big screen here. saw the poster up at Mid Valley … can’t recall the date though.

  2. oops … i just remembered that i’ve cancelled ordering Adrift in Tokyo cos it has no english sub!!! instead it was Kabei that i ordered!

  3. Red Cliff should be release this week 17 Jul… but I dont think I will watch it yet coz there’s a couple of movies I havent watch (that Im still considering if I want to go to cinema to watch them) – Wanted, Hancock, Batman…

    BTW, I think “L Change The World” have arrived here – I saw the FINAS (err is that our Filem Negara name thingy) copy on Saturday in my area’s night market. πŸ™‚

  4. i also want to see Batman … well, actually other than Red Cliff that’s the only other movie showing here that i want to see. this year’s Japanese Film Fest kicks off this 17th!!! a good number of great films are gonna be shown … Memories of Matsuko, The Burmese Harp, Tokyo Tower – Mom and Me and Sometimes Dad, Tony Takitani and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time … these i’ve watched already. The ones that i reaaaally want to see is Kon Ichikawa’s Dora-heita and Ten Dark Women! never heard of the remaining movies except for Kaidan … which is a horror movie. heh heh … i thought it was Masaki Kobayashi’s Kwaidan at first (which i like despite hating watching horror movies).

  5. mmm … there are three Kon Ichikawa’s movies being shown at the fest. i guess it is kind of a tribute to him or something … he died early this year. if only GSC brings in 47 Ronin, i’d be a happy woman!

  6. ^ really ah O_O there’s a Japanese film fest here … I don’t know… Thanks for the info…anyway, dont know if I will be going – err… Im not that artsy when it comes to films πŸ˜›

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