Gary Chaw KL Concert 28 June 2008

The concert was enjoyable and fun. I was in the rock zone so there were bound to be some things that I can’t see LOL… When we (the rock zone audience) were allowed into the zone, I didn’t actually find any outstanding stage design …eh…maybe after that Bi concert, my stage design expectations got a little bit higher, but the stage redeemed itself when it came to actual concert time (kinda of).

My Gary Chaw LED Board

Spoilers alert!

The stage:

I didn’t bring my camera (and didn’t intend to, in the first place) so I can only described what I think was most outstanding 😛 . I remembered one of the stage prop that came down, right after he sang “Innocent” – it looked like a wing of sorts, especially when he was standing in the middle. The lighting was blue (on the prop) when I first saw it – if I remembered correctly, he was singing “Singular” at that time. Then the prop (or lighting) changed to red (like fire) when he was singing…eh…”Betrayal” – didnt really remember O_O.

Other than that, hmm, lots of fireworks. confetti (lots of). a big doggie prop and oh, big big balls (which were really fun 🙂 ).

The costume:

Eh… let’s see, which was most striking? I guess it was the superman costume – it looked almost the same as the one that he wore in his Superman video but with quite a number of differences – he added some styling in it. OK, I dont remember much about the rest of the costumes O_O except hahaha, the GFC t-shirt that he wore during the encore section.

The songs:

I’m happy with the selection of the songs 🙂 . He included a skit for a few songs, which I like. It’s really funny. With all the super-villains, and him, being the superman (singing Superman, of course) saving the girl LOL, plus all the SFX during fighting. He also displayed his Bruce Lee impersonation muahaha.

He also included a section when he sung a few oldies (english songs) with some jazzy-feel to it. I really liked that part. The songs he sung were Moon River, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and My Way (where he showcased his voice-changing abilities).

Oh, almost forgotten this part- when he played the piano while singing – even though it’s not the first time he did that, I guess it was the first time for him to do that in Malaysia ?? no? But this section also linked up with the introduction of the first guest artist (Justin) very well.

The guest artists:

Justin – really, he’s amazing as a guest artist, even though he only sang 1 song in his solo performance time. I like the chemistry between him and Gary. And the crowd really like him 🙂

Genie Zhuo – she looks really cute and fair up-close. And one of my friends who like her went crazy when she was singing her solo part. 😛

The touching moment:

Eh, there’s one part where he said his teacher (I don’t know how to spell his name, but he’s the one who brought Gary to Taiwan) was supposed to attend this concert…due to a heart attack in Beijing (I think, couldnt really hear well), he couldnt come. So Gary asked to record the concert (or part of it) and asked the audience to give his teacher a big audience clap. It was touching and really amazing…and Gary was just crying 😦 .

The encore:

That’s probably the only thing that I’m not happy about. It’s too short. One song. I didn’t count Ni De Ge as a song, by the way. That’s it. :S . I’m really disappointed because I was expecting a few more and I’m not actually expecting a Jacky Cheung encore here (JC encore was still the best in any concert I’ve went to). In all the concerts (paid ones) that I went to, I think his was the shortest encore I’ve seen. :/

Songs performed (the ones that I remembered and they were not in performance order):

Superwoman, Innocent, Singular, Betrayal, 2 Lovers, Superman, “Gam Sang Gam Sai” (with Justin), Chui Chui Feng (with Justin), Only You In This World, Muted Toy, Count To 5 Promise Me, “Hua Mu Xiang Jiang” (sorry my pinyin a bit off for this song title), The Life That The Angel’s Envious Of, The Un-romantic Fellow, 3 7 20 1, Super Sunshine, Wake Up Song, Ni De Ge. Moon River, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, My Way, Liang Shan Bo Yu Zhu Li Yue (with Genie Zhuo), Nai Si Nan Hai, Ai Ai,

* not sure if he performed these songs (lol, my memory are bit blurry for these songs):

Fall In Love, Ai De Gu Du.

Well, that’s all that I can remembered from this concert. If I have the chance to go to his concert (in other places), will I go? Yes, definitely, even though he really have to do something about that encore part.

Next thing he should do, IMO, is to have an unplugged concert, like what he did in those bar performances in Taiwan. Oh yes, that picture above – that’s the LED board that I bought for this concert. I like it very much and it’s very bright. I will bring it in all the future events that has Gary in it 🙂 Now, I need to spend some time to google if there’s a DIY LED tutorial coz 😛 buying it was very expensive …


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