Remake of The Host – in Chinese ?!

Err…and also going to star a Korean actor – wonder who will he be 😛

Korean Stars to Join Chinese Remake of “The Host”

The 2006 Korean blockbuster “The Host” is to be remade in China. Projected to cost about 12 million U.S. dollars, the Chinese version of “The Host” will feature a Korean male star together with a top Hong Kong actress.

Korea’s Chungeorahm Film will work together with China’s Stoneman Film in production and the film will be directed by Chinese director Ning Hao of the “Crazy Stone” fame. Director Ning reportedly wants to cast a Korean actor for the leading role.

The Chinese sequel to “The Host” takes place in a Chinese city, where its residents battle a monster. Released in China in early 2007, the original film topped the local box office sales, which has generated great expectations for the sequel. Since most of the Chinese blockbusters have been about historical events or martial arts, the new form of blockbuster featuring a monster is likely to be quite appealing to the Chinese audience.

Cited one of the most promising next generation directors, Ning belongs to a reputed American agency CAA, which boosts the chance of “The Host” sequel making it big in Hollywood. The Korean film opened in American theaters in last March, grossing 2.2 million dollars.

Source: KBS World


5 thoughts on “Remake of The Host – in Chinese ?!

  1. i guess this would be the ‘first’ monster movie coming out of China?? but why remaking an already great movie and a recent one too?? anyways, i’ve watched Crazy Stone and it’s a really good comedy … but haven’t seen any other movies by the director. well … i hope the remake comes out good cos i want it so. heh heh … that’s because i love a lot of movies from mainland China and i think this country has a lot of great movie directors.

  2. ^ yeah, Im puzzled too… maybe it’s one of the first Chinese monster movie ? I also heard that The Host 2 (the Korean one) is now in post-production…but I forgotten when is the schedule screening date… Im not that enthusiastic on the 2nd movie though coz none of the casts from the original are in it 😦

  3. and i belive The Host 2 is helmed by a different director too rite? i’m also not too excited about this prequel … cos rarely a prequel / sequel lives up to the original movie.

    uh … by the way, The Chaser and Asano Tadanobu’s new movie, Mother are now available on dvd!!

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