Major comeback for Brown Eyes

I’ve ordered my copy and am waiting for it to arrive 🙂 . Please buy it as the proceeds of the sales will go to charity 🙂

I’m so happy that they decided to come out with a Vol 3 after they went their separate ways (after Vol 2). I love their Vol 1 and 2.

Brown Eyes Roars Back to Top of Music Charts

Brown Eyes, the Yoon Gun and Na Ul duo, has released Thursday their third album “Two Things Needed for the Same Purpose and 5 Objets” after a five-year hiatus. Their latest album has swept the search word list of top portal sites, music streaming sites, and even offline record stores.

As if on a mission to rescue the struggling Korean music industry, Brown Eyes’ new album sold more than 15 thousand copies on its first day, recording the highest daily album sales in two years. This is an amazing feat, considering that the CDs were sold only in large record stores in the Seoul metropolitan area. The number is likely to soar when the album is introduced in small music shops on Friday.

The music industry is being taken by the storm with Brown Eyes’ sensational third album, which has also resurrected interest in their first and second releases, as well as Yoon Gun’s solo album. As soon as the music source was made public, Cyworld’s music chart showed their title song “Don’t Go, Don’t Go” in the top spot, immediately followed by “Because of You.” Five of their songs were included in the top 10 and all of their songs in the top 100. A music industry insider said that it’s difficult for even top singers to list so many songs in the top 10, a telling sign of Brown Eyes’ amazing achievement.

Their latest album contains the trendiest type of music infused with the unique style of Brown Eyes. Also the profit gained from the album sale will be donated entirely to charity groups in Korea and overseas.

Source: KBS World


One thought on “Major comeback for Brown Eyes

  1. YUP … they sound great as usual and i especially love Kajima Kajima, Neo DdaeMoonE, Don’t You Worry and HanGeolEum. this album is good but still i think the first and the second are better. i have both of their previous albums (and solo albums too) and definitely will buy this one too.

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