Sung Si Kyung set to become army man on 1st July

Well it’s just 1 more week left before he’s going to the army…I lost count on who has joined ๐Ÿ˜› but I know the Shinhwa members will be the ones next…not sure about Tei/Wheesung :O

Sung Si Kyung will officially join the army next week on 1st July and he will enlist for a 2+ years. He will have to undergoing 5 weeks of training before starting his service.

His agency said that Sung Si Kyung is now putting all his attention on his last concert before the army service. He would like to enter the army quietly and told his fans he will have a big gathering after 2 years’ time.

Sung Si Kyung has released his last album before the army enlistment on 12th June and this weekend, 28th June, he will hold a goodbye concert.

Source: SINA / Mydaily
English translation by fangorn @


3 thoughts on “Sung Si Kyung set to become army man on 1st July

  1. I have missed SSK now for 651 days meaning he has about 51 days left. I guess you can see I am not counting the days till his return. I so hope SSK has a lot to sing about when he gets home. Until then I will continue listening to all of his past CD releases, some I have mixed myself (1 all english for friends, 1 very romantic, and a fun almost dance like) and of course lots of music videos. Sikyung stay safe and know the world misses the most Beautiful Voice in the WORLD!!!

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