Posters of Lee Dong Gun and Kim Sun Ah drama

Ah..what’s the name again? Everyday Night? I have no idea what’s the name of this drama…but from the posters it looks interesting… I wonder if their chemistry will be as good (or even surpassed) the chemistry between KSA and Hyun Bin.

I always like LDG in suits so 🙂 and this time, he’s playing the playboy character so should be interesting ? As for KSA, in the first poster, she looked really sophisticated but the rest of the posters 😛

And did you notice the thief in 2 of the posters? I wonder who play the thief ?

^ for the above 2 pics…please click on them if you want the actual larger version.

4 thoughts on “Posters of Lee Dong Gun and Kim Sun Ah drama

  1. “When It’s At Night”

    I like Lee Don Gun… I remember him in “Let’s go to School, Sangdoo”.
    I also remember he has the same birthday as me exactly ten years ago. [Actually I wikipedia-d him and found that out right now]
    He also has an album coming out or has it already been released? I better check that out.
    Kim Sun Ah looks much different from her “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”. I never finished that drama because personally I thought it was lame…but that is just my opinion.

    Anyway..thanks for the information!

  2. hhahahaa i love this film 2 ^o^

    i love Lee dong Gun and Kim Sun Ah ^-^

    i wanna kiss Lee Dong Gun at here Lips >_< eeeeeeeeee…… ^o^

    Lee Dong Gun is the same birthday of my mother hehehhe ^-^

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