SG Wannabe concert: Introduce My Friend

Ah….the concert is going to be held on the same day as Gary Chaw’s concert. Obviously I can’t be at both venues at the same time πŸ˜› ~~ joking…I already booked a tix to Gary’s concert and flying to Seoul is impossible for me right now.

I wonder, does anyone has experience of booking tix to Seoul concert (any artist) outside of S.Korea? You know, I hope that one day I can go to Seoul to watch some concerts so now Im gathering some info… πŸ™‚

I have watched their La La La version 2 mv, which featured all 3 members – finally, let me a chance to figure out who sings which part… LSH voice is quite nice, actually πŸ™‚

Date : June 28

Place : Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul

SG Wannabe’s latest concert is going to be an opportunity to introduce its new member Lee Seok-hoon. With the addition of a new member, SG Wannabe hits will be performed in a whole different manner. Lee will add his own personality to the songs, bringing fresh, new sentiments to familiar tunes. SG Wannabe is at their best on live stage and this one is going to be no different. To convey their beautiful songs, all three members have been fully involved from the planning stage to present the best performance ever. Their concerts are so famous that large contingents of fans from Hong Kong and Japan will reportedly visit Korea to see their favorite trio up close and personal. They will also be treated to an acclaimed list of special guests, which include Seeya, Super Nova, Black Pearl, and Davich.

Source: KBS World

5 thoughts on “SG Wannabe concert: Introduce My Friend

  1. I’ve never booked tickets from outside the country before, but I believe you can call them. Email and ask maybe?
    Big ticketing sites like Interpark and Auction should have English speakers.

    I watched them perform live not too long ago and I’m quite impressed by the new guy~

  2. buying concert tix in seoul can be quite expensive for international fans…my friend had a bad experience last year when she bought tix to shinhwa concert (or was it hye sung? i cant remember). it was expensive and the seating was really far (if a korean fan bought it then it would be much cheaper) so i suggest get ur korean fren to buy it for u!!

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