[Pics] So Ji Sup Photoshoot

Ah, my internet line for the past week was terrible, can’t even access SINA or other website at night ><

Maybe, my bro was downloading things :/

Here are 30 pics of SJS in a fashion photoshoot. Except the first one, I have put the rest in thumbnails so please click on the thumbnails if you want a larger version.

Please do not hotlink pictures

Source: SINA


4 thoughts on “[Pics] So Ji Sup Photoshoot

  1. So Ji Seob is sooo gorgeous. love him since i first saw him in We’re Dating Now with Chae Rim. heh heh … i think they look really good as a couple in this drama and Cheers for the Women.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures dear!

  2. he keeps on doing modeling stints instead of acting… my mom keeps on asking me abt his new drama since she likes him so much =_=” but anyway his body is to die for lah

  3. aiyah…he’s a former swimmer…so the body, mochiron, to die for.

    Im waiting to see if “U-Turn” will be release as a DVD …u know like that Hyo-Ri + Lee Dong Gun short movie…

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