[Music] Songs of Week 1 – 7 June

This week have quite a number of new songs. HowL Vol 2, Wheesung new single and his collaboration with Moon Ji Eun, Suga Shikao, etc.

Note: Please do not hotlink files


HowL – Love, Memories (Album Version) [link]

I ordered the album already and it should have arrived (havent checked my postbox). There’s quite a number of songs I want to feature here so I just picked one of the 2 songs that I really really like – have to choose between this song and Les Amantes. Maybe I upload Les Amantes next week 🙂

Lee Jung – I Only See You [link]

This song is written by Lee Jung himself and it is used in the drama Unstoppable Marriage, the one where he starred in. I really like this song.

Mose – This is Love [link]

This is not Mose new song. It’s from his debut album – the title song. I just happened to find it in my PC (don’t even know I have this song!).

Wheesung – We Are Not Crazy (original version) [link]

In this single, he has 2 versions – one is original version and the other one is featuring DO. I have no idea who is DO. Furthermore, I can’t quite differentiate between the 2 versions O_O . But I do like this song…better than the other collaboration song he did with Moon Ji Eun. This is R&B, after all 🙂 . However, I don’t really like the MV 😦


Suga Shikao – Nobody Knows [link]

Theme song from xxxLoveholic anime (the 2nd season). I quite like this single 🙂 …


4 thoughts on “[Music] Songs of Week 1 – 7 June

  1. could you tell me whatever happened to SOULTOWN? i thought they released the single, “my lady” last year. any other news? where did they go?


  2. ahh…I also dont have news of them. BTW, SoulTown is supposed to be a project thingy… not sure if they will continue to release any more music…but if I have news of them, I’ll post them here.

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