[Pics] Stars to encourage adoption

I don’t really  know the actual title of the event but it was to encourage Koreans to adopt orphaned children. Here we have Lee Jun Ki, Yeon Jung Hoon (I think that’s his name), Kim Rae Won and Lee Wan. I especially like Lee Wan’s picture the most.

Source: SINA


3 thoughts on “[Pics] Stars to encourage adoption

  1. I’m glad that since South Korea has developed quite well that they are supporting -domestic adoptions- rather than sending them off to the international community (namely the USA).

  2. Надеюсь, добрых людей будет только больше, и маленькие чуда все реже будут оставаться одни в этом наполненном грехами мире. Матери, не оставляйте их одних.

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