[Music] Songs of Week 25 May – 31 May

Ah, “Songs of the Week” is back… I’m sorry for not posting for the past 2 weeks 😦

inoyume, I have listened to those songs that you have uploaded… hmm… Kokia’s songs – a bit reminded me of Onitsuka Chihiro – but they were nice… I like “Todokimasu you ni” 🙂

As for Kousuke Atari… etou… yeah, similar to Moriyama Naotaro O_O

Note: Please do not hotlink files


Khalil Fong – Is it Enough [link]

I actually wanted to post “Love Song” but I think this song is good too. I haven’t been actually listens a lot of his Vol 3 (which this song was picked from) compared to his Vol 1 and 2. I’ve been playing those 2 albums whenever I can 😛 .


K.will – Every Time We Love [link]

It’s been a year (or more!) since he released his debut album. I wonder when is the release date for his 2nd album. Even though it’s been a year, I am still in love with this album.

Tei – Mi In (A Beauty) – Live version [link]

If I remembered correctly, this was recorded from his radio shows. I equally like both the original and Tei’s version. I always like Tei’s live versions – maybe it’s his deep deep voice …


Aoyama Thelma – Soba ni iru ne (featuring SoulJa) [link]

This song was super popular and had been on the Oricon charts for weeks.  I seldom listen to female singers but since this song was that popular, I decided to try listening…

Hirai Ken – Catchball [link]

Very old Ken’s song. This song, I believe, was dedicated to his late father. He had another song that he wrote about his late father too but that song was more recent (“Shashin”) and more …ehm… sad compared to “Catchball”.

3 thoughts on “[Music] Songs of Week 25 May – 31 May

  1. Thank you so much for putting up Ken Hirai’s old song here. Its a really nice and soothing song. I only know and have his album songs. Appreciate you introducing his b-sides. Hope you can introduce great b-sides like this along with the background story with regards to the song. 🙂

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