Eric (of Shinhwa) and Wheesung to participate in Hyo Ri’s 3rd album

Actually, the title of this article that I translated is different from this post’s title 😛 . I don’t listen to her album but reading about Eric and (my fav) Wheesung’s involvement made me want to listen to those songs.

Lee Hyo Ri has not released an album for 4 years already. She is now preparing to release her 3rd album. Eric (of Shinhwa) and Wheesung will participate (or help) in the new album, making the album’s anticipation level higher. Recently, she has revealed in a tv show that one of her many rumors is actually not a rumor but real news. However, she didn’t reveal which “rumor” she was referring to.

Source: SINA
English translation by fangorn @
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3 thoughts on “Eric (of Shinhwa) and Wheesung to participate in Hyo Ri’s 3rd album

  1. I’m looking forward to her next album…I’m not a fan of hers actually since I’ve never listened to much of her stuff. But I’m so curious about this CD. Will it be completely different from her previous works? I mean I hear so much news about her trying to shed her sex kitten image..or so many people bad-mouthing her because she’s apparently “too old” to continue being sexy…(I have a problem with that…no one is old to be sexy…and being her age is still very young..She is one of the few that can naturally pull off the whole sexy thing without it being too outrageous). Anyway..I just want to know whether she will adhere to society’s wish for her to tame her sex appeal or whether she’ll still do whatever she wants. And of course, I’d like to hear Eric and Wheesung too! Thanks for the news.

  2. I have the same thoughts about this. I am not a fan of Hyori. I am not interested at her or her music but seeing Wheesung’s name as part of his album makes me want to listen to the album.

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