Vivian Hsu in Gavy NJ MV

๐Ÿ™‚ yes, I want to watch this MV, even though Im not really into Gavy NJ – don’t remember listening to their songs although I think I did watch their MVs (some of them).

Taiwanese actress and singer Vivian Hsu (33) is in Korea for the shooting of Gavy NJ’s new music video.

The video shoot for the music video of Gavy NJ’s latest song “Life” took place at an apartment in Seoul on May 13. This is not the first time the Taiwanese star is working with Korean celebrities. She has worked with actor Kim Jae-won in the past for a TV ad campaign.

In the music video, Hsu plays the role of a woman who is betrayed by the man she loves. The woman is torn between the pain of the breakup and her desire to erase all the memories of her lover from her mind.

Gavy NJ’s music video will premiere on May 15 on an Internet music portal. The group’s third studio album featuring 12 tracks will be released on May 29. “Life” was jointly written by hit songwriters Min Myung-ki and Kim Do-hoon.

Source: KBS World


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