Jun Ki to enlist next year?

O_O ? He said so himself during an interview.

In an interview during one of his fashion shoot, Lee Jun Ki has revealed that he has planned to enlist in the army next year. He said, “There’s too much work this year, therefore I don’t think I can enlist (this year). Now, I’m planning to join next year.” He added, “Right now I don’t really have a solid plan, but I really think that since enlisting is a must, joining early is better than delaying the enlistment.”

Jun Ki, who was born in 1982, will be considered as late in enlistment (age 27) for normal citizen. However, he should be one of the “early” ones when compared to most of the male artists (some of them were nearing 30 when they enlisted). Jun Ki said that Iljimae will not be his last piece of work before enlistment. He said there’s still a lot of outstanding work to be done before the army but he will not postpone the army date for work.*

Note from translator* : I guess he meant if the date is set, he will not postpone it – even if there’s new work offers that will make him delay his joining date.

Source: Mydaily / SINA
English translation by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
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7 thoughts on “Jun Ki to enlist next year?

  1. OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOx1000000 O’s Jun Ki you’re too delicate for that u.u. I’ll make sure you get special treatment , dont you worry!

    By the way, alot of celebs have been enlisting. Hm…
    Oh no now I have to worry about my Jun ki!

  2. ah, that’s really a pity, since he’s started gaining a lot of popularity already… so many enlisting lah T.T”

  3. Oh….Lee jun ki….be careful…..just tell me if someone messes with you in the army..and i will kick their butts…..^^

  4. wow well best of luck in the army and hope to see you in more dramas/movies when you get out. oh god i hope that they don;t cute your hair!

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