[Pics] Jo In Sung Summer Photoshoot

His latest pics… WOW! I really like his current hairstyle…It really matched him la…And all these pictures…have me saying “Kyaaaa!!!!!!!”

Which one(s) that you like the most?

Click on the picture if you want slightly larger version

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures

^ I like this pic the most… the way he stares …. gosh…

Source: SINA


7 thoughts on “[Pics] Jo In Sung Summer Photoshoot

  1. he looks so ‘pretty’ ne!!! and that pic with his thumb at his lips … in that pose, he looks like Lee Jun Ki a bit. both of them are ‘pretty’ boys but i think Jo In Sung’s face is more ‘manja’ … heh, dunno how to describe it in english.

  2. ohhhhhhh……luvin those pics! second to my list of hot korean guy…won bin still my number 1…thanks for the post/pics!

  3. I like his hair shorter…clean cut. It defines him from all the other Asian matinee idols. Only he can look as good with short hair.

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