Koizora showing in Klang Valley

The film’s is currently showing in Klang Valley and I want to watch it…but 😦 it’s only showing in Sunway Pyramid – that’s far from me … Im now wondering if I want to go all the way just to watch this movie or wait until the DVD is out… hmm…better check if the DVD is out or not first 😛

I also noticed that the horror movie, “The Slit-mouth Woman” / “Kuchisake-onna” is currently showing, too. Unfortunately, I don’t usually watch horror movies therefore ~~~


3 thoughts on “Koizora showing in Klang Valley

  1. i dislike the fact that it’s not shown where public transportation is aplenty. =.= to have a non-horror Japanese or Korean movie shown on our local cinemas is such a rarity, yet i have to let it go. aish. i’m so frustrated. x_x

    anyway ~ i saw the dvdrip up at a CB but without Eng subs. i didn’t see the DVD at S&M yet but i guess it’ll be there soon?

  2. well, I think I’ll wait for the DVD. It’s not on sale yet as I went to the store yesterday. However, I bought “Yoru no Pikkiniku” and the drama “Bara no Nai Hanaya”, along with 3 Korean movies 🙂 … almost went bankrupt on those buys 😛

  3. Uh … i love Bara no nai Hanaya … really good (and quite sad) drama. the little girl is so adorable. another recent drama that is good is Daisuki I Love You and it’s already available here too. what movie is that Yoru no Pikkiniku? i mean the english title? that new movie Koizora (saw it without sub), although i think the storyline is a bit cliche … i like the acting. i think Japan has lots of talented young actors and actresses … as seen in this movie, Way of Blue Sky, Tennen Kokekko and Into the Faraway Sky to mention a few. i recently got a copy of Mad Detective, an old Japanese movie, Pitfall and 2 Korean movies Our Finest Hour and Radio Days. haven’t seen them yet though. with all the buying with no time to watch, that is so greedy of me … heh heh. but then my motto is just grab them when u see them!!! u dunno when u’ll get to see copies of some of these movies again rite?

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