[Pics] Kim Rae Won upcoming drama, Gourmet

I like Le Grand Chef, the movie – it’s a feel good movie. Don’t know if this drama is worth the watch or not…anyway, since Im slow in catching up, I won’t be watching it live 😛

The drama will be on air in mid-June. It stars Kim Rae Won, Nam Sang Mi, Kwon Oh Joong and Kim So Yeon. Somehow, Kwon Oh Joong doesn’t look as despicable as the guy who played the same character (villain role) in the movie O_O … Kim So Yeon’s character is a new character (not in both movie and manhwa)…hopefully, hers is not a villain role~~maybe love rival since we all know who Kim Rae Won will end up with 😛


5 thoughts on “[Pics] Kim Rae Won upcoming drama, Gourmet

  1. halo..kim rae won and nam sang mi..i’m frm brunei..i luv ur drama in gourmet.. I luv its sooo much.. i knew the feeling to be a chef bcoz i was part of it but as a level as chef ‘Green Tie’.. Thanx for gave us spirit to be a good chef..thanx also to the director of Gourmet..u make my soul bright again..i want to be like as unamjung family kitchen..all care each other what ever problem it took..thank you very much..i hope 1 day i’ll go to Korea to taste their fantastic,lovely and legendary food.. Bye..

  2. uh..1 more thing..thanx to kim rae won ‘sung chan’, kwon oh joong ‘bong joo’ and won gi joon ‘min woo’ charactor live like a real chef that taught me about everthing about a true chef that gave me strength to become a chef.. To director and producer of ‘Gourmet’..is the Gourmet have continution for volume 3?coz the end of the story is like had continue story..if is it.. I in Brunei Darussalam would like to wait ur Gourmet vol.3 if u’ll continued the story.. To kim rae won and nam sang mi..i liked both of you..like fusion of Love Couple cuisine dessert how sweet..hehe..k thats it..bye.. C ya..;)

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