[Music] Songs of Week 5th – 11th May

Don’t know what to write here except that I hope you will enjoy the songs that I’ve uploaded. There’s not a lot of new songs for me for this week. Therefore, the songs here are mostly old ones.

Note to inoyume: havent listen to those 3 songs that you gave me… :/

Note: Please do not hotlink files


Monday Kiz – This Kind of Man [link]

I liked a lot of their songs and it was really sad to hear of Min Soo’s death. This song is one of my fav of them, taken from their debut album. You can clearly hear his voice in this song – he sang first in this song. Even in the chorus part, you can still hear his voice. Sigh!

MK is the group that I followed from the days of their debut and right now, I have no idea what’s going to happened to MK, as a group. I do hope that whatever that is going to happen, Jin Sung will continue singing, one way or another.

Chi Yeol – Go Hae (from Lovers OST) [link]

Just like this song. I have yet to watch the drama though – sorry, Im forever slow in keeping up to date with the latest drama.

Chi Yeol is another singer who has deep voice. I just realised that I listened to quite a number of singers with deep voice – besides Chi Yeol, there’s Park Hyo Shin (before he changed his singing technique), Tei, i, Lim Chang Gyu, SG Wannabe (well, you must count Kim Jin Ho!), Monday Kiz (for the late Kim Min Soo), Koo Jung Hyun, Fly To The Sky (for HwanHee!), Wanted (for Ha Dong Gyun), Happy Chair (hmm, one of them has a deep voice~~), etc.

Izi – Eung Geub Shil – Original Version [link]

Izi is a rock band, IMO, similar to Mr.Children’s style of music. I don’t get to hear from them much as they are really low-profile. They only have 1 album released, if Im not mistaken. I first heard of them from the Delightful Girl Chun Hyang soundtrack. If you have the chance to get hold of their album, please do have a listen as I think their album was really good.

As for the title – err, I don’t have any idea why it has the “Original version” in it. I took this song from their album and not from the Chun Hyang OST. O_O


Chemistry – Yakusoku No Basho [link]

The song was taken from their album, Face To Face. I have this album and it is good. I just like the happy mood that this song seems to represent … after all the sadness, better have something “cheerful” to cheer me up šŸ™‚

Shimizu Shota – Home [link]

Remembered back in my second Songs of Week, I stated that I have downloaded 3 singles. I have been posted 2 of them. This song is taken from the 3rd single. I really have no idea who he is but this single, “Home”, is quite good. Is he a newbie like Fukuhara Miho? Anybody knows?


One thought on “[Music] Songs of Week 5th – 11th May

  1. i still can’t believe that min soo has left us away…..

    just like you, i have known them since their first album

    though min soo has left, i do want to see jin sung standing on the stage again

    however, i don’t want to see monday kiz will recruit some new members to replace min soo

    it’s just because min soo is so unique that his place shouldn’t be replaced


    i do want to see jin sung continues his career as a singer…….but not in the form of a group……..

    it’s again because the relationship between them is so unique that nobody can be added between them…….

    just remain in the sad mood till now……:-(

    R.I.P. kim min soo

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