Gary Chaw Asia Live Concert 2008

Ah… I just found out like 1-2 days ago 😦

I already booked the limited rock zone (ie standing!) ticket as I was too late for the limited after-party concert …which I don’t really think I can go even if I can book it.

This is the concert information (re-posted permission by GFC Malaysia):



LIMITED RM238 ROCK ZONE TICKET BOOKING/限量摇滚区门票定购! (截止日期/due date 8 MAY!!!)

for more information visit:

email GFC regina @ 016 6117971
or email


spread music, spread love.


12 thoughts on “Gary Chaw Asia Live Concert 2008

  1. Rock Zone = cram as many people to get as much money as possible :).
    Actually I’ve never been to a concert, but that is what I am sure they do.

  2. yeah, I know. -___- but it’s the best seat IMO … it’s the closest to the stage… therefore, nvm lor… They are going to permit only 250 people inside this zone so it’s not really that cram 😦

  3. one thing bad about being too close to the stage is that sometimes the stage tend to be too high and when gary walk to the deeper part of the stage u can’t see him.. but done again it is free standing anyway…u can stand anywhere to adjust your view on gary..that is “if” u can move around the crowd

  4. well lets see what he can do…
    with that kinna super explosive voice…
    wonder if his power level can still stay that high after 30 songs..
    either way..

  5. nah, don worry guys,
    it won’t be that cramp.

    i saw the stage design before,
    the view shudnt be that bad!
    i mean, the rock zone(the hole we are stading) is kinda big.
    and its like almost occupied the whole stage.
    the other part of the stage is for the band and etc.

    so i tink we can see Gary in most view, i guess.

    hopefully no change of the stage design la.

  6. hey … i was wondering where do you actually get those LED board with Gary’s name on it. Can you tell me please coz I’m doing a project on that….

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