ERU went to the army

Well, see you in 2+ years 😦 … I will miss you …

Hot ballad singer Eru (real name Jo Seong-hyeon) entered the boot camp to start his mandatory military service. He was born in New York, but gave up his U.S. citizenship to serve his motherland.

Eru began his military duty at a boot camp in Nonsan, Gyeonggi Province Thursday afternoon. He was greeted by many of his fans at the gate of the training camp. Eru said that he will try to fulfill his duty as a Korean citizen and complete his service as quietly as he can without much media attention.

Eru debuted in 2005 and has produced a number of hits, such as “Handkerchief,” “Black Glasses,” and “White Snow.” Eru and his father Tae Jin-ah (real name Jo Bang-heon), Korea’s top traditional pop singer, are known to be very close, as demonstrated by the fact Tae personally drove Eru to the boot camp to see him off. Eru will stay there for four weeks to receive basic training and then be assigned to public service duty.

Source: KBS World


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