So Ji Sup’s next – a movie

Im a bit late on posting this piece of news about SJS next movie. I’m not 100% sure but I think his “Cain & Abel” have been cancelled… Anyone knows, please let me know coz I can’t read news from Korean source – dont know how to – and I dont think I have come across news about the Cain & Abel development in the English Korean dailies or the Chinese dailies.

And anybody knows where I can watch/download “U-Turn”, his short movie?

According to Edaily SPN (korean newspaper), after his appearance on the short movie “U-Turn” and the Japanese movie, “Gegege no Kitaro”, he will next appear in his first long movie “Movie is Movie” (literal translation) after his return to the entertainment world from the army.

The movie tells of a real-life mafia gangster with a superstar who exchanged role with each other, SJS will play the mafia gangster while Kang Ji Hwan will play the superstar.

The movie is schedule to be in production in May.

Source: Edaily SPN / SINA daily
English translation summary by fangorn @
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4 thoughts on “So Ji Sup’s next – a movie

  1. I posted four episodes of U-turn in my blog just yesterday. Check it out šŸ˜‰ hehe..
    And yeah, looks like Cain & Abel is really cancelled. Sigh.

  2. i like so ji sup very much, i dont know how to express my feeling about him! the way his acting in I’m sorry i love, i like hi very2 much, when i watched that movie i feel like something about him,sometime i though that im always with him. So ji I love you so much .Saranghae yo

  3. ji sub … the one who make me interest to watch a movie or dorama..first actor who i have admire..coz his acting and appreciate more than was excited with his acting..and his smile… Although his tired..hha..i hope he got enaugh rest and sleep..
    chain and abel is best dorama in this year for me..the story’s full of colour and intrict.oh…last night i watch his appreciate in “mr flower”..oh god..i cant breathe for a few minutes when he was fight with his gun..hope god always with him..i’ll pray for his truely smile..

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