[Music] Songs of Week 28th April – 4 May

Another week of songs to feature… I didn’t actually listen to any new songs yet (except SG – which I only started listening today (sun)).

On a happy note – My order of Monday Kiz, KCM and Cho Young Soo albums have arrived! Out of all 3 albums, I’d say KCM’s album have the most album pictures! I need to find time to capture those album pics…

And during my Sat Japanese class, one of my classmate showed me the special limited 10th anniversary album from Shinhwa and wow! lots of nice pictures! It really worth the money if you are a Shinhwa fan. As for me, I don’t think I will buy it though – I dont really listen to Shinhwa songs πŸ˜›

Note: Please do not hotlink files


Khalil Fong – Ai Ai Ai / Love, Love, Love [link]

Another Khalil Fong song πŸ™‚ . This one is taken from his Vol 2 album. I actually wanted to choose that duet song he did with Fiona Sit but this one is more familiar to me as I’ve listened to it before in his Vol 3 (he has a guitar version in his Vol 3). I havent actually started to really listen to his 2nd album but the songs in this album are those that I tend to listen to …

Sam Li Sheng Jie – Guang Nian [link]

Why do I choose this song? I really have no idea … just that it’s one of the memorable songs in his latest album and he was here on promo last week. I actually downloaded this album aeons ago but never really listen to it… He has one of the unique voice that you can recognize on the spot.

Note to self: Have to add his album(s) to my to-buy list 😦 …


Fukuhara Miho – Change [link]

She has a powerful voice. There are 3 songs in her debut single and one of them was a tribute song to Celine Dion, Because You Loved Me. At times, during that English song, she really sounds like Christina Aguilera! O_O . Having said that, IMO, she did quite well in her rendition of the Celine Dion song. The second song in this single, Koi Wa Rhythm, is also quite good. I’m still thinking if I should buy this single or wait until she releases her debut album… :/

Hirai Ken – What’s Going On? [link]

Another song from Ken… ehm…getting sick of him? LOL, Im not yet πŸ™‚ . This is a very very old song from him. Taken from his “Rakuen” single. His English pronounciation is pretty good, IMO.


SG Wannabe – La La La [link]

OK, this song really sounds a bit weird for me because it has country element in it and Im not that used to hearing country-style K-music πŸ˜› . I can’t really recognised the new member, Lee Seok Hoon’s voice…actually, to tell you the truth, the only voice I really can recognised is probably Kim Jin Ho. I’m still in the midst of downloading the MV. Not sure if I am going to upload the MV here or not – depends if I have the time or not la…


4 thoughts on “[Music] Songs of Week 28th April – 4 May

  1. he he … i got my copy of Shinhwa limited album a couple of weeks ago. yup … the pictures in the photobook are gorgeous … or rather … they look gorgeous especially Dong Wan and Eric.

    i’ve listened to that single of Fukuhara Miho. she’s got quite a voice. i hope she’ll come out with a full album too. i just love these Japanese female singers with strong voice like her, ayaka and Misia. i just managed to download SG’s new album but haven’t listened to it yet. there are mixed reviews on it … i think i will still get the album even if it’s not as good as their previous ones.

    uh … i’ve uploaded for u a song by Kousuke Atari. have u heard of him? he sounds at times like Naotaro Moriyama. he’s called a ‘shimauta’ singer … because of his style of singing. the song that i uploaded is a live version of the song Hana from his latest single Haru. i’ve also uploaded a couple of songs from Kokia (remember i asked u about her previously?). they are from her latest album The Voice. i’m so in love with these two singers now … bought some of their albums already!! i hope u’ll enjoy the songs and tell me what u think of them ne!!

    Kousuke Atari n- Hana (Live Ver)


    KOKIA – Odoyaka na Shizukesa (Calm Silence)


    KOKIA – Todokimasu You ni (In Order to Reach Out)


  2. Thanks to both of you for the links to the songs…I snagged ’em all. I had Ken Hirai’s LAKuEN Single, but your MP3 is better quality. I really enjoy KOKIA, so thanks, inoyume, for posting those two and Atari Kousuke’s live song too. ^_^

  3. inoyume, thanks for the Kokia and Kousuke.. gomen ne… I only managed to download them today.

    Will let you know how I “feel” after listening to those songs… most probably in my next post of Songs of the Week πŸ™‚

    Steve, you are welcome πŸ™‚

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