SG Wannabe Vol 5, My Friend, cover and tracklist

Hmm… wonder about the new member’s voice πŸ˜€ .. it seems he’s featured very prominently in the middle in this album.

Oh, if there’s any incorrect romanization, please let me know as this is the first time I tried romanization of album tracklist πŸ™‚

Album: My Friend

Release Date: 24th April, 2008


01 라라라 / la la la
02 λ©‹μ§€κ²Œ 이별 / mot ji ge i byeol
03 μ‚¬λž‘ν•˜λ‹ˆκΉŒ / sarang hani gga
04 보고싢어 / bo go shi peo
05 κ·Έλ…€μ˜ μ†Œμ‹ / geu nyeo ui so shik
06 λ©œλ‘œλ”” / mel ro di / Melody
07 Kiss
08 μ—¬λ³΄μ„Έμš” / yeo bo se yo / Hello *
09 How To Love (Feat. Mario)
10 μ—°λ½ν•΄μš” / yeon rak hae yo
11 Happy!
12 죄와 벌 Part.II / jwe wa bol Part II
13 이토둝 μ•„λ¦„λ‹€μš΄ / i to rok a reum da un
14 γ‚γ„γŸγ„ / aitai (japanese version of bo go shi peo)

Source: Melon / track romanizations by fangorn @

* used only on the phone
** Note that Chae Dong Ha will only be participating in Track 3 and 14.


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