Lee Byung Hun’s Korean Ninja pics for GI Joe movie

wow, looks good… really cool – but who’s the girl ???

Source: SINA / Mydaily / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


10 thoughts on “Lee Byung Hun’s Korean Ninja pics for GI Joe movie

  1. I think the girl’s character is called Baroness. She supposedly goes with the ninja most of the time. I cannot remember if the characters has a thing for each other or something because it has been ages since I watched GI JOE. Anyways, the ninja is supposed to be half Japanese and half American but in order for them to get Lee Byung Hun-sshi to play the role, his camp negotiated with the producers to make the role into Half American and Half korean… or only Korean ninja… HEHHE… that means Lee Byung Hun-sshi has mean management setup.

  2. another Hollywood action hero / live action flicks … not really my cup of tea but i’ll watch it just for Lee Byung Hun!! heh heh …

    dun really find the ninja get-up cool … i wonder why is it white? sorry, know nothing about G.I Joe. but, he looks quite dashing in the last picture.

  3. His outfit has always been white but I am not to fond of the fit for this one. It looks so boxy or it could be the cut of the long front that looks weird. . Maybe he just needed more room to hide all those ninja toys he carries. I have been a fan of Lee Byung Hun for a long time. I am glad to see more Korean actors being seen in US movies and am looking forward to see more of these great actors in the future.

  4. Heyy I love Lee Byung Hun but dang whenthis was first coming out wasnt it said that Rain was gonna play this part? What happened?

  5. well.. the girl’s name in the movie is anna.. and shes Sienna Miller… And that white ninja guy is a famous korean guy.. =) watched the movie tdy =)

  6. awesome movie…Lee Byung Hun is soooo freakin fineee and smexxxy in the movie. He’s such a great actor…loving his deep sexxxy voice too!!! <333 the best scenes in the movie was of him and the dark ninja fighting. i love my sexxxxy white ninja!

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