Son Ho Young went to Hiroshima

A SHY news. It’s been a long time didnt hear his news. 🙂  Anybody knows what he’s up to? U know, any album / single ?? I heard he was in a MV recently…. ???

Singer Son Ho-young will pay an official visit to Hiroshima, a Japanese city which has become a symbol of peace after the tragic atomic bombing.

Some 60 million tourists have come to Hiroshima Prefecture to see Miyajima and the Peace Memorial Park, which are included in UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Recently, in an effort to rediscover Hiroshima and make the charms of the Japanese city widely known both in Japan and overseas, “The Welcome to Hiroshima Project” was launched.

Son was invited for the first event of the project which involves top Asian stars to brighten up the atmosphere. On April 17, he will visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum with some 200 fans and then participate in the Welcome Party at his hotel. On the second day of his trip, he will move to a popular tourist attraction and hold a BBQ party with fans.

Son is expected to have a cozy meeting with fans at the party through a variety of activities, such as shaking hands, taking pictures and recreational games.

Source: KBS Global


2 thoughts on “Son Ho Young went to Hiroshima

  1. From the picture above, looks like he shoot MV or something. Coz he had done jacket photoshoot for his 2nd jib album. Then, his movie had been released in DVD too. What else ha… hu huh u..

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