I Come With The Rain promo trailer

WOW, I’ve just posted something on Lee Byung Hun and looked what I’ve found – a promo trailer from his just finished movie – one of the 2 H-movies he did/will be doing (the other being GI Joe as Korean Ninja 😛 ).

And this film has Kimura Takuya ??!!!!! didn’t know until I saw the trailer!! Gosh! This really makes the film in my want-to-watch list.

Pictures credit: Twitchfilm

I Come With Rain at Twitchfilm site


3 thoughts on “I Come With The Rain promo trailer

  1. Phew .. watched the trailer and the movie looks amazing. yes, this is also gonna be one of the must-watch movie for me too. i doubt it’ll be shown here … not with so much violence and nudity!! i bet the dvd too is going to take some time to be released as it’s going to be screened at Cannes (from what i’ve read). Tran Anh Hung is an amazing director but this movie is a bit different from his previous ones and involves a lot more actors from different countries.

    by the way … Lee Byung Hun looks so good as a bad guy. i believe this is his second bad guy role in a movie.

  2. Yeah, he looks good, so is KimuTaku. Which was his first bad role? I don’t remember O_O

    I believe we need to wait for the **coughpiratescough** 😛

  3. i think his first bad role is in Kim Ji Woon’s The Good The Bad and The Weird. he’s The Bad apparently … but dunno how ‘bad’ is his bad role in that movie heh heh.

    yah … we can only expect to get the *you know what* copy of such movie here in Malaysia but i do hope YesAsia will have the movie when the dvd is released.

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