Lee Byung Hun’s TV comeback

wahhh…this is good news! But eh…the plot is … let’s cross fingers that it was not all hype and all… u know, when I read “flashy action scenes”, “cool cutting-edge devices” ~~ those words ><

Korean star Lee Byung-hun is returning to TV screen in a spy thriller titled “Iris.” Lee’s first TV drama in five years since his starring role in “All In,” “Iris” is Korea’s first attempt at a high-tech spy thriller filled with flashy action scenes, cool cutting-edge devices, and scenic overseas locations.

The 20 million-dollar action-packed drama is directed by Kang Je-gyu of “Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War” and Lee Hyung-min of “I’m Sorry, I Love You” and produced jointly by Taewon Entertainment, which had made the global project “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.”Filming will begin later this year and take place in Russia, Japan, China and the United States. The twenty-parter “Iris” is scheduled to be aired early next year.

Lee has just wrapped up filming the French-American movie “I Come with the Rain” with Josh Hartnett and is getting ready to shoot “G. I. Joe.” Lee will be playing Korean ninja Storm Shadow in the action flick. The multi-national collaboration co-starring British actress Sienna Miller and American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt alongside Lee is due for release in August 2009.

Source: KBS World


2 thoughts on “Lee Byung Hun’s TV comeback

  1. he has so many projects these days … i’m not complaining though. i hope all his new movies which had finished shooting will come out soon. a bit disappointed that his appearance in Hero is too short though he looks really cool in all his short scenes. this new drama of his could turn out good since it’s in the hand of Kang Je Gyu who also directed another action movie, Swiri(starring Song Kang Ho, Han Suk Kyu and Kim Yoo Jin).

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