Kim Ki Duk’s The Isle voted as one of the 10 most difficult movie…

Hmm, interesting polls. I wonder why Irreversible was voted in. It is not actually that hard to watch O_O compared to Blair Witch  – BW was so “nauseating” to watch 😛 .

Director Kim Ki-duk’s “The Isle (Seom)” was selected as one of the 10 most difficult films to watch (but still insanely awesome) movies by Killer Film, an American online film site.

Coming in at ninth, “The Isle” is a strange love story between a prostitute and a man on the run from the cops. The movie had shocked the audience with some of the goriest scenes involving fish hooks and genital mutilation. The list proves that director Kim’s films are too complex to understand for foreign audience as well. Kim has been known for his unique (and sometimes bizarre) interpretations of human nature. His other works include highly acclaimed “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring,” “Samaria,” and “Bad Guy.”

The film topping the 10 most difficult films to watch list was “Ichi, the Killer” directed by Japanese director Takashi Miike. Other films on the list include “Irreversible” with Monica Bellucci at second place, a mock documentary “Blair Witch Project” at fourth, and Gus Van Sant’s “Elephant” at seventh.

Source: KBS World


6 thoughts on “Kim Ki Duk’s The Isle voted as one of the 10 most difficult movie…

  1. yeah … The Isle is kinda shocking (well … most of Kim Ki Duk’s movies are) especially the scene with the fish hooks … CRAZY!! but its ending … i still couldn’t figure it out after a couple of time watching it. it’s a hard movie to watch and to understand. and Ichi the Killer … that’s pure violence. haven’t seen Irreversible, BWP nor Elephant though. i have only seen three movies by Gus Van Sant namely Good Will Hunting, My Private Idaho and To Die For.

    is Stanley Kubrick’s The Clockwork Orange on the list too? i read that it’s also quite a disturbing movie .. saw the dvd few months back and still thinking whether to get it or not. is it possible for u to give the link to this poll?

  2. eh…this is the complete list. Audition was in No. 3!

    I dont think you want to watch BWP …it’s so shaky (the whole film) that I have to pause…rest…continue… and in the end, it was like “eh ??? ” for me

  3. heh heh … if i’m not mistaken BWP was shot using a handheld camera or that sort of camera, that’s why it’s kinda ‘shaky’. it’s said to give the movie that ‘real’ feel??

    what are the other four movies?

    1- Ichi the Killer
    2- Irreversible
    3- Audition
    4- Blair Witch Project
    5- ?
    6- ?
    7- Elephant
    8- ?
    9- The Isle
    10- ?

  4. 5. Brown Bunny
    6. Meet The Freebies
    8. Hard Candy
    10. The Fountain

    ^ I had watched Juno – which was quite good and Ellen Page was very good in it. Wonder if this was made before or after Juno.

    U know – CloverField – also used similar technique – the shaky shaky camera 🙂

  5. I’ve never watched any of those movies but i’ve read about Man Bites Dog, if i’m not mistaken the movie used the same shooting technicque as BWP rite? i was torn between watching this movie or Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs at the time when both movies were released … and lastly decided against both after learning that they are quite violent. i guess i had a very low tolerance for violance at that age!!

    mmm … i would put Miike’s Visitor Q on the list too … it’s just tooooo weird for me.

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