27th HK Film Awards Winners

Monkeypeaches has the full list. O_O Jet Li won the Best Actor and The Warlord won 8 awards including Best Film & Director. Congratulations to all winners!

I went to SINA to take a look at what the guests were wearing and I don’t like what all the ladies are wearing except probably Sammi Cheng and Chiu Nga-Zhi (aka Fung Ching Ching in the original The Bund drama). It’s a pity that Carina Lau didn’t attend coz she usually one of the best-dressed artist in these kind of events.

^ Best Actor and Actress.

^ He looks a bit sad – is it because Carina Lau was not there ?

^ I like his grey/silver suit πŸ™‚

^ Cute couple.

^ Did Aaron Kwok go sunbathing recently? Why is his skin like Louis Koo?

OK, her husband is not as “yeng” as before but Chiu Nga-Zhi still looks good (IMO)

^ The reunion of “Fung Ching-Ching” and “Ting Lik” (Simon Lui) from The Bund

^ Actually, Dodo Cheng’s outfit is quite OK, IMO but Sammi Cheng’s way cooler than the other 2 πŸ™‚

^ Actually, I do like this dress but the color clashed with the red carpet….

Errr….. ????

^ pity that I can’t find the full length pic…

^ Did someone forgets to tell her that too skinny won’t look good on you?

Most of the times, Charlie Young dressed really well in these kind of events…her dress this time, hmm…it’s just that I don’t like that green color…

Picture source: SINA
Reuploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


3 thoughts on “27th HK Film Awards Winners

  1. ehh? I thought Sammi Cheng’s outfit looked awkward (read: atrocious). The large bowtie puts it on the borderline of being clownlike. I’ve seen her wear androgynous suits many times before, and it never works.

  2. i think that Simon Lui is a very handsome man and he looks the same as he was in The Bund. how long ago is that?? Tony Leung looking sad?? … heh heh this evening after watching Street Kings, my friend mentioned that Keanu reminds her of Tony Leung because both have that ‘sad’ face??! come to think of it … i think they do have ‘sad’ face. i guess it’s the eyes.

    congrats to Jet Li for winning Best Actor. i haven’t seen the movie yet … waiting for a good copy of its dvd to come out. but i’ve seen Forbidden Kingdom this evening (yup … watched two movies today!). it’s quite entertaining … love the fighting scenes … looking more like those in a Chinese kung fu flick. both Jet Li and Jackie Chan are amazing martial artists.

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