[Music] Songs of Week 14th April – 20th April

I recently upgraded my blog to host mp3 files πŸ™‚ therefore I am trying out this new idea of mine – to introduce the songs that I like. The files will be available for download/listening for the entire week but afterwards, I will remove them due to limited storage space la. I have yet to decide if I want to open a “special” page for request of the past songs that I have featured here in my blog.

Related to this expired files, I know that most of the MV file links that I posted earlier has expired but I have yet to decide if I want to open a request page for the expired links. I’m still thinking about it…

Note: Please do not hotlink files

Japanese songs

Hirai Ken – Shashin

Originally, I wanted to upload “Itsuka Hanareru Hi ga Kite mo”…since I posted the lyrics to Shashin just now, might as well, featured it here first πŸ˜› .

Mr.Children – Itsudemo Hohoemi o (live from Home Tour 20070615 Nagoya)

I really like all the songs from their “Tabidachi no uta” single so I will probably featured them in stages πŸ™‚ . I feel relaxed when I listen to this song.

Korean songs

Wheesung – Love Seat (featuring Humming Urban Stereo)

Thanks to kyohei for give me updated with this song – uh, I don’t even know he has a song out since I always thought he’s still in recovery mode after his vocal cord surgery. I think this is the last song before he went to the surgery. This is a new genre for Wheesung as he never sang this kind of song, if I remembered correctly.

KCM – Classic

Just started listening to KCM Vol 4 album. I have downloaded the MV but yet to watch it. Ever since I taken that Korean class, my night time (which I usually spend for blogging/downloading and stuff) have been limited. 😦 and my Japanese class will start this week too O_O. Back to the song, I really like the opening segment πŸ™‚ and the more I listen to this song, the more I like it.

Monday Kiz – κ°€μŠ΄μœΌλ‘œ 외쳐 (Feat. Rhymer)

The first song from Monday Kiz Vol 3. I really like the rap and the middle-to-fast tempo of this song. Not to mention the MV πŸ™‚ , which starred that extremely charismatic Jin Goo. As for the romanized title of this song…eh..I think it is “Ga Seu Meu Ro We Chyeo”. Is it correct? I’m using what I learnt from my korean class…


8 thoughts on “[Music] Songs of Week 14th April – 20th April

  1. You’re right, the first song is relaxing πŸ™‚

    Wow, amazing, you know chinese and english as well as learning advanced japanese and korean.

    I feel stupid now, heh. I only know english, and bits and pieces of those other three languages (J,C,K). But I am planning on minoring in both CHIN and JPN :). Too bad no room for KOR. I’ll probably be searching through your japanese tuorials during JAP 201 and above which won’t be until my 2nd semester freshman year… so long from now. Ahh, I have to memorize both japanese alphabets, sigh and some kanji. Why can’t the japanese wiriting system be as easy as korean. And don’t even get me on the chinese characters I have to memorize. Funny thing is that I usually forget the character just days after finally memorizing it because I hardly use it in daily practice. Anyway I am getting off track πŸ˜›

    As for your korean, you did really well! However isn’t it ‘ga seum eu’ and not ‘ga seu meu”. Maybe I am wrong, you’re the one taking the Korean classes. I know in cases like “μ•£μ• ” the “s” transfers over to the next syllable if it is a vowel so it would be “aek sae”. It don’t really romanize korean words when reading them so I have not come to regard romanization as an important thing to learn. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I would be glad to know the right answer ^^.

  2. yeah … Love Seat sounds like an indie song. i guess the presence of Humming Urban Stereo has something to do with it?! heh heh …

    i wonder if u have that MV of Monday Kiz? i love Jin Goo … mainly, because he’s a good actor and i wish to see him as lead actor in his future movies and secondly, because he looks so much like Lee Byung Hun!! have u seen Epitaph? i think that’s his most recent movie … it’s a horror though.

    thanks for the songs ne!

  3. hohoho .. good choice to introduce good song. Monday Kiz is my craziness now. I love “Shout It Loud” feat Rymer and the MV are superb with Jingoo. Love him since from All In. He is Lee Byung Heon second generations. with same eyes, same attitude and character. I have both part do you want it inoyume? Will try to help u upload it. And also love SMAP new song. where Taku play guitar .. so … cute.

  4. inoyume & Milia, I have 3 version of the MV. The third version is Part 1 & 2 with credits in the end. The separate Part 1 and 2 don’t have credits. I can upload them, if you want πŸ™‚

    kyohei, ah this is what I learnt – this “liaison” rule for the pronounciation for those words that only start with vowels (the “o” in front). “슴으” is written as “seum eu” but pronounced as “seu meu”. Since I only learnt it recently, I don’t really know la if it is correct or not.

    As for the kanji’s on and kun readings… well, they did serve purpose as if you really know its on/kun, you can actually read words that you never come across. As for me, I think it’s better to just read and learn more kanji than memorise those on/kun coz it’s really hard for me to memorise them πŸ˜› – I’m lazy

  5. uh … thanks so much ya all!! yes … i’d like to have both MVs .. whatever version that u think is best. by the way, any of u listen to Kokia?? i was ‘introduced’ to her amazing voice last few days when i listened to the anime Red Garden soundtrack. i’ve came across her albums so many times before but never bothered to try listening to her. now i’m looking high and low for her albums … only got her The Voice album so far. anyone knows where i can download her other albums? if u haven’t listened to Red Garden soundtrack … please do so. it’s beautiful!!! and the anime is too … the story is a bit sad though.

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