How to join as forum member to Tony Leung’s website

Hmm, at first I thought it was difficult to join as forum member to Tony Leung’s website since his site is in Chinese. However, I went there and well, the joining process has English instructions (part of it). Anyway, this how-to may be helpful 🙂

Steps to Join

1. First you need to click on the “Member” link

2. Then it will lead you to a “Agreement” page. Err…not going to translate that whole page of Chinese (if you really really want, then…). Just click on the “Agree” button on your left. When I used Firefox, I can’t see this button but I can view it when I use Internet Explorer.

3. Then, fill up the form and click Register. Most of them are self-explanatory…

except for “Birthday” – first list is Year, second list is Month and third list is Day. Also for “Sex” – first option is “Male” while second option is “Female”.

The list options for “Educational Background” is (from the second item in the list) Primary School, Middle School, High School, Specialist*, University (Degree), Master’s Degree, Ph.D.

Note: I have no idea why it states Specialist (the chinese word is “專科”).

4. Ta-da…once completed successfully, you should get this message:

Click on the link to return to the main page.

Steps to Login

There’s a login function on the front page (lower left):

Enter your Username (first textbox) and your Password (second textbox) and click LOGIN. The button beside the Login is “Retrieve Forgotten Password” (refer to Steps to Retrieve Forgotten Password).

Once you logged in, you should see this message:

^ It says: “You have logged in to Tony website. Welcome to use the related member’s functions.”

After you have logged in, you can now view the Forum.

Steps to Retrieve Forgotten Password

1. Click on the second button beside LOGIN (on your right, the gray color thingy).

2. This screen will appear:

Enter your Username (first textbox) and your Email (second textbox) and click on the gray button. Note that your email is the email that you used during the Registration process.

3. After that, you will see this message:

It means “Your registration information has been sent.”. Click OK to close the message box and the site will re-direct you back to the home page. Check your email.

Credits: fangorn @


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