Odagiri Joe’s next

WOW~ he will be in a movie with Anthony Wong, who will be playing his father!!! O_O You can read about the details of the movie over at MonkeyPeaches and Twitchfilm sites. The movie is called Plastic City and it will be set in Brazil (?!) – I wonder, will Joe needs to learn a new language??


2 thoughts on “Odagiri Joe’s next

  1. i’ve never seen any movie directed by this Dir. Yu Likwai before but since it’s going to be produced by Jia Zhangke and acted by Odagiri and Anthony Wong (i like him too) i believe it will turn out good. i hope we’ll get to watch this ‘international’ movie … at least let it be available online with english sub ne!! … i’m still waiting for Tadanobu’s Mongol!

  2. Me neither πŸ˜› , but I do like Anthony Wong (although he sometimes act in those err… very Z-grade XXX movies) .

    I heard of Mongol, I’ve watched the trailer and err…not really my cup of tea (or movie) πŸ˜›

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