Another Hollywood remake – Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

ughh…I wonder why does she wants to do it?

Charlize Theron to remake Sympathy for Lady Vengeance 

Director PARK Chan-wook is admired nationally and globally. Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron is also one of them. According to The Boston Globe who interviewed the former model, Theron will produce and star in a remake of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, PARK’s final instalment of the famed vengeance trilogy.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance won in 2005 two awards at the Venice Film Festival, the CinemAwenire and the Little Golden Lion, and Korea’s leading Blue Dragon Award for best film, among others. LEE Young-ae plays a framed convict who meticulously plans her revenge while keeping up a charming and friendly demeanour. Her ultimate goal is revenge on CHOI Min-sik’s character. CHOI himself went on a revenge rampage in Old Boy, which earned PARK the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

In The Boston Globe interview, Theron lengthily speaks about strong female roles. Theron’s beauty got her noticed in Hollywood, but she went on to produce and star in challenging productions, including Monster which earned her a Best Actress Academy Award.

Yi Ch’ang-ho (KOFIC)

Source: Korean Film Council


7 thoughts on “Another Hollywood remake – Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

  1. huh … maybe she wants to see if she could top Lee Young Ae’s acting as a convict in the movie and go to win some international awards for it later??!

  2. What’s with Hollywood these days.
    It seems they are running out of ideas because they are remaking several asian movies, like Battle Royal,the seven samurai ,my sassy girl and now this
    Honestly, hopefully Charlize Theron will not be acting in it.

  3. It is just as what inoyume said. Hollywood is getting dried up in the creative department and is trying to “get inspiration” from Asian countries and other parts of the world. Well, we can say that it is Asia that is the “flavor” of the season. But IMHO, this is something as a stone’s throw to plagiarism. I know it is constructive to look else where for inspiration but taking something’s essentials, then dressing it up and finally passing it off as your own without proper credit is really abhorrent behavior. They did a good remake of The Departed but, I may be mistaken on this, I did not see anything that says this movie was an adaptation.

  4. You forgot ‘Il Mare’ too, that is another popular remake where the only credit is a short line in the beginning of the film. I liked and watched the original first.

    I take my own initiative to not watch Hollywood movies. They just do not hold the value they might have had once.

    [off topic], but I am really liking Wheesung’s new song ‘love seat’. It has a smooth and gentle indie feel to it with just the soulful music I like. It is on -repeat- for the past hour or so…

  5. maaku_sutipen: You are correct The Departed was considered only “inspired” by Infernal Affairs but the scenes were the same, everything was pretty much similar besides the fact that they tried to cram three movies into one and the setting… >.>

    i don’t mind charlize theron…she’s an amazing actress…at least she’lll probably do this role justice…unlike the my sassy girl remake..which a movie that’ll just come out on dvd and no one will borrow it.

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