SG Wannabe new (replacement) member

OK, I didn’t have the actual Korean news to decipher the name but from the J-news source. Therefore, if I didn’t get his name right (especially the spelling), please let me know. The Japanese name is spelt as “イ・ソクフン” while the Chinese is “李錫勳”. Really don’t know how to translate those!

So sad that Dong-Ha is really going to leave soon 😦

Picture: The original SG Wannabe members

Recently MNET has been secretly underwent a process to select the replacement member for Chae Dong-Ha who is confirmed to leave SG Wannabe. Out of the 500 hopefuls, they have finally managed to select 24 years old Lee Seok Hoon. Lee’s age is similar to current member Kim Yong Jun’s age. One of the reasons why he was selected was he had experiences performing in bars/clubs (because every time SG Wannabe releases an album, they will go on concert tours). Chae Dong Ha last participation with SG Wannabe will be their upcoming Vol. 5, which is due for release in late April.

Source: SINA / mydaily
English translation by fangorn @
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One thought on “SG Wannabe new (replacement) member

  1. I know the japanese is in katakana… so it would say “i sokuhun” in romanji since the dot is a space between last and first names, i assume. The first character can be pronounced as “ee” as in the word bee. Usually katakana are words that are made to sound like foreign words. For example my name, Christina would be クリスティーナ, or “kurisutiina” and cake would be “keki”.

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