Fake Gold Leaf Pendant

O_O – this is scary! I already don’t have much confidence in China-made products after reading so many reports of below-quality products, poisonous products (due to the components used), etc. Now this Lemma company is selling fake gold at a price of 398 yuan ?!! This is also bad for Michelle Reis as she advertised the product!

The gold leaf pendants from Lemma advertised by famous actress Michelle Lee were proved to be fake, made mainly of copper.

Henan-based Dahe Daily revealed this stunning news Friday morning after a full round of investigation following the suspicion raised by a local consumer who bought the product after she saw the ad on TV.

According to the advertisement the gold leaf pendant is 24K Gold, or 24-karat pure gold. The advertisement said the pendants are made from skeletons of real leaves on which the veins are gilded with pure gold.

Early in March, a girl from Anyang city of Henan, with the alias Wang Xue, found the gold leaf pendant she had ordered as thin and lusterless, which was quite different from the products advertised on TV. Moreover, there was no invoice or introduction with the product other than a quality guarantee certificate without a seal.

Along with this gold leaf, Wang went to many gold accessory shops for consultation and was told by all of them that the product was fake.

Official results from the provincial jewelry testing center confirmed that the majority of the pendant is made from copper; even the surface contained only trace amounts of gold.

Lemma, the company responsible for this fake gold pendant, shunned the media and avoided making any explanation, the newspaper says.

Later, it was found that Lemma is a company registered in Kunshan City of Jiangsu Province.

After further investigation, another company that deals with accessories in Changzhou in Jiangsu Province was discovered as the producer behind Lemma.

A manager of that company later admitted that Lemma had bought a considerable volume of the gold leaf pendants from their company, at the cost of only 16 yuan per piece.

The advertisement proudly proclaimed that the pendants were unique in the world with their exquisite craftsmanship and favorable price of only 398 yuan.

Till Thursday, the advertisement of the so-called Lemma gold leaf pendant still played on several local TV shopping channels, like Jiangsu TV and Shenzhen TV, the newspaper reports.

Source: CRI English

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