SG Wannabe Ranks 10th on Japanese Oricon Chart

Ah…almost missed this news. Eh, does anyone know if there’s a difference btw the Japanese and Korean version of “I Love SG Wannabe” ?

And I saw a “coming-soon” of SG Vol 5…err what’s this album?? I’m a bit out-dated so if anyone know, please tell me. Thanks.

Popular male vocal group SG WannaBe’s debut album in Japan entitled ‘I Love SG WannaBe’ has kicked off to a favorable start by landing on the 10th spot on the Japanese Oricon Chart’s daily album chart.

On March 20, the group held a special event in Odaiba, Tokyo to celebrate the release of its first album in Japan. Some one thousand fans flocked to meet the members of the group, who held a handshaking event as well as a talk show.

Member Chae Dong-ha shocked many fans by officially announcing that he will be leaving SG WannaBe to begin a solo career. He asked his fans to continue to support his future career.

The group members went on to announce the top five songs chosen by Japanese fans and gave a live performance of the song which took the number one spot–‘Partner for Life,’ included in the group’s third studio album. The event came to a close when the members took photos with the fans.

On March 20th, SG WannaBe’s official Japanese website announced that Chae Dong-ha will be leaving the group to pursue his dream to become an actor.

The original members of SG WannaBe will hold another fan meeting on May 7 and perform together for the final time at two concerts to be held at the Tokyo International Forum’s A Hall on May 8.

Source: KBS Global


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