44th Baeksang Award nominees

They have a film and tv awards, much like the Golden Globes. I’m only going to list few of the nominees here – it’s very hard to translate the Chinese names back to Korean ones šŸ˜›

I guess, Chaser is in all the major awards ?! Dir. Na is even nominated in both the Director and New Director category!

Congratulations to all the nominees!

Best Film

  • Secret Sunshine
  • Chaser
  • Forever The Moment
  • Happiness
  • May 18

Best Director

  • Kim Hyun Seok (Scout)
  • Na Hong Jin (Chaser)
  • Lee Myung Se (M)
  • Lee Chang Dong (Secret Sunshine)
  • Lim Soon Rye (Forever The Moment)

Best New Director

  • Kim Mee Jeung (Shadows in the Palace)
  • Kim Tae Shik (Driving With My Wife’s Lover)
  • Na Hong Jin (Chaser)
  • Jeong Brothers (Epitaph)
  • Ra Hee Chan (Going By The Book)

Best Actor

  • Byeon Hee Bong (The Game)
  • Song Kang Ho (The Show Must Go On)
  • Lim Chang Jung (Scout)
  • Ha Jeong Woo (Chaser)
  • Kim Yeon Seok (Chaser)

Best Actress

  • Kim Min Hee (Hellcats)
  • Kim Yun Jin (7 Days)
  • Kim Jung Eun (Forever The Moment)
  • Im Soo Jung (Happiness)
  • Jeon Do Yeon (Secret Sunshine)

4 thoughts on “44th Baeksang Award nominees

  1. out of all the movies in competition, i have not seen Forever the Moment, Chaser and The Game. i read that Forever the Moment is a good movie about women handball team with Moon So Ri, Kim Eun Jung and Eom Tae Woong. never heard of the movie The Game before. what is it about?

  2. wow … thanks for the info. the plot sounds interesting and of course with Shin Ha Gyun in it, i believe it’s going to be good. so far, he has never disappointed me.

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