3 men and a …

…mother šŸ˜›

New drama – think I may like it since it has Jae Hee and Jo Hyun Jae. Furthermore, the director is the director from DalJa’s Spring, which I like. I think this is JHJ last drama before the army. As for Jae Hee, I hope he “bounce” back from that horrible “Witch Yoo Hee” . I also hope he gain some weight coz he looked really skinny in “Witch Yoo Hee”.

Updated: More pics..

Eugene to Play Second Mother Role

Eugene becomes the mother of a child and a lucky woman who receives the love of three men–Cho Hyun-jae, Jae Hee and Shin Sung-rok–one of whom is the father of the baby.

The new KBS 2TV (Wed./Thurs.) drama “Three Daddies and One Mommy” is about a married couple who receives sperm donations from three of the husband’s friends. Although the conception is successful, the wife loses her husband suddenly in an accident. The story continues with the wife and the three friends.

Eugene plays the role of the widowed mother, “Song Na-young,” but this isn’t her first role as a mother. In 2005, the actress starred in the MBC drama “Wonderful Life” as a young woman who gets pregnant and thrown into married life after a night of bad judgments.

“Back then, the baby wasn’t planned, but this time the baby is, so I can be much more of a proud mommy,” Eugene said. “In the other drama, my husband didn’t love me, but for this one I receive the love of three men, though I do lose my husband.”

She laughingly added, “The three men are so wonderful, I could live with all of them!”

“Three Daddies and One Mommy” will fill the time slot of “Hong Gil-dong, the Hero.” It is directed by Lee Jae-sang. who produced “Dal-ja’s Spring,” and written by Cho Myung-joo. who also wrote “The Man of the Vineyard.”

Source: KBS Global

More pictures…

Source: SINA


4 thoughts on “3 men and a …

  1. Cute pictures! Cute casts! Plus great casting! Their roles fits the actors well. What i’ve seen of the series, i like so far although… what’s with Jae Hee’s outfit (even in this pictures). Where does he get those pants? Don’t get me wrong. Love him in Sassy Girl Chunyang… though he does seem too thin here! Anywayz! I hope this we’ll be as great as i think it is! =)
    Good Luck!

  2. I loved this drama. It’s so cute and the all the guys are so sweet, its feels good watching it. I’m kinda surprised that the female lead is her, I never thought much of her, but she did good. I loved all the guys – its worth watching, really! Who is that guy in the picture right above this the last one – he was the actor who had of a role of working with her and liked her alot. Anybody know his name??

  3. ^ you meant the second last pic? no idea, sorry… coz I only know 2 guys in the pic – JHJ and JH, which both of them were in the army already šŸ˜¦

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