Shin Ha Gyun to join The Bat

Err…Not really recognised the name but since I’ve been kinda keeping track of this movie, will have to post this news.

I really hope Dir. Park will change the name of this movie (at least the English name)  – it really sounds like those B/C-grade Hollywood movies…

Talented actor Shin Ha-gyun will join famed director Park Chan-wook and fellow actor Song Kang-ho for the film “The Bat.” This is Shin’s first movie with Park and Song since “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” in 2002.

“The Bat” is a tragic melodrama about how a man who turned into a vampire after an accident falls in love with a married woman. Song will play the man who becomes a vampire. Kim Ok-bin has already been cast as the female lead Tae-joo and Shin’s role is of Tae-joo’s husband Kang-woo.

Now that all main parts have been cast, the filming of “The Bat” is expected to begin in early April.


3 thoughts on “Shin Ha Gyun to join The Bat

  1. wow … another talented actor joining in. this, i believe will be the fourth movie in which he stars together with Song Kang Ho and and all of them are Dir. Park’s. i guess, Dir. Park is really fond of both these actors! i just wish the leading lady is either Jeon Do Yeon or Bae Doo Na instead of Kim Ok Bin!!

  2. one of its english title is “evil lives” now thats more B-movie-ish ^^
    shin ha kyun is one of my most fave actor, and i agree on inoyume, i’d absolutely favor bae donaa,
    but the film require “seductive actress” which she is sadly, not.
    is the the 4th collab already?
    i only reckon jsa, sympathy for mr vengeance, whats the other one?

  3. both of them are also in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance in minor roles only. mmm … i think Bae Doo Na could carry the role of a ‘seductress’ … as she’s a good actress. it’s all in the acting rite? i dun find Kim Ok Bin any more ‘seductive’ than her anyway … and definitely, not a better actress.

    since u’re a fan of Shin Ha Kyun, i wonder if u’ve seen his new movie The Game??

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