[Pics] Cho Young Soo All Star Project Album

I love this album and wonder why nobody seems to know about it :/ – maybe it is titled as Cho Young Soo ?? FYI, Cho Young Soo is a very very well-known composer in S.Korea now.

This album featured all of the artists that he had worked before like SG, KCM, SeeYa, Dynamic Duo, HwaYobi, Shin Hye Sung, etc. It’s really a star-studded album 🙂 .

I was quite surprised by the packaging of this album as I was actually expecting a CD with the usual size (square version) but it’s a rectangle version. The design is really beautiful, especially the artwork, and I bought it at a bargain price too. Which I wonder, why did YesAsia put it at a bargain price.


7 thoughts on “[Pics] Cho Young Soo All Star Project Album

  1. It is probably bargain because 1) not many people know about it and 2) his 2nd album is coming out soon. Currently the fourth “single” for the second album is out.

  2. i’ve been wanting to know who wrote the lyrics for Shin Hyesung’s ” 애인” in this album.. had a look at YA and the price is really a bargain. o.0

  3. I’ve been looking for this and cannot find it, and it’s out of print on YA! It’s so pretty…. Do you know anywhere else I can buy it? (Other than Korea…) Every time I search, I only find part 2 and 3.

  4. Yeah, on YesAsia it’s out of print. I signed up for email notification if they get any more, but seeing as they don’t even make it anymore, it seems like the chances of that happening are… zero.

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