Shinhwa celebrate 10th anni with MV

I have yet to resume my MV download therefore been out of date already with a lot of new MVs.

This MV will probably be their last MV before 2 of them heads to the army. The location of the MV really sounds, ehm, uninteresting… dinosaur fossil site ?! errr…I hope they didn’t destroy any potential treasure there, LOL.

Another news was I saw Eric’s Que Sera Sera drama on sale (DVD) last week. It’s just that I ran out of budget to buy the DVD (coz I bought Dalja Spring ๐Ÿ™‚ ).ย  I do want to buy this drama so maybe next time.

Shinhwa Members Celebrate 10th Anniversary of their Debut

The group Shinhwa recently filmed a music video for their 9th studio album. The music video was filmed in a field of reeds near a dinosaur fossil site in Songsan-myeon in Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi Province.

The scene involved five members rescuing Eric, who is held as a hostage by enemy gangsters.

March 24 marks the 10th anniversary of Shinhwa’s debut. The music video shoot was a special event as members Eric and Kim Dong-wan are preparing to begin their military services.

The members said the past decade felt more like a brief thunderstorm and thanked each other for staying the same over 10 years.

Jun Jin said he feels sad to watch his “brothers” go off to the military before him while Andy remarked that when he is hanging out with the group members, it feels as same as it did ten years ago.

After the release of their album, Shinhwa will hold a 10th anniversary concert after which the members will go their separate ways.

The group joked around by saying that in ten years all of the members will probably be married. They added, however, that even after ten years, they will be together, and if they had an opportunity to travel back ten years, they would choose to be a part of Shinhwa all over again.

Source: KBS Global


7 thoughts on “Shinhwa celebrate 10th anni with MV

  1. aww … i just love what they said about wanting to be part of Shinhwa all over again. i hope they will remain together as Shinhwa or the best of friends forever. this is what i like about them … the love and commitment that they have for and to one another endear them to fans like me more than anything. saw some pictures of them shooting the MV and as usual, they’re having so much fun working together.

    i wonder if Jun Jin and Hye Sung are exempted from the miltary?!

  2. if i’m not mistaken, from what i’ve read, Jun Jin has some problem with his eyesight and Hye Sung, his leg?? i dunno if these ‘problems’ will be sufficient to exempt them from military duty though.

  3. i wish they go for military service at the same time … so that they’re back at the same time too. can’t wait for their last album before military and i hope they’ll come out with live dvds too!

  4. Hye sung is exempted from going to military due to his leg injury while performing on stage, back then in 2004(If i’m not mistaken). You can still see his difficulity to walk(not really obvious) and perform until now. There you go, Korean’s ballad prince.

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