K-movie Chaser attracts over 4 mil moviegoers

Well, Hollywood is going to remake this movie which is like … huh? another one? šŸ˜¦

The plot for Chaser is interesting to me since I do like to watch movies that featured serial killers šŸ˜› . I do hope the local movie distributors will be bringing this movie in (like Shadow in the Palace). I also hope that they do the same for Le Grand Chef, too.

Blockbuster ‘Chaser’ Attracts Over 4 Million Moviegoers

The Korean blockbuster film ‘Chaser’ (directed by Na Hong-jin, Bidangil Production Company) has attracted more than four million moviegoers since its release on February 14.

‘Chaser’ has become the second Korean film to attract more than four million moviegoers this year after ‘Forever the Moment.’ The former exceeded the figure only 34 days after its release while the latter took 39 days to exceed the four million mark. The figure is more significant for ‘Chaser’ as it is rated R.

Film distributor Show Box said despite the release of Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Jumper’ and ‘10,000 B.C.,’ box office ticket sales for ‘Chaser’ have not gone down. It added that the film is expected to break the box office record of ‘Forever the Moment.’

Starring Kim Yoon-seok and Ha Jeong-woo, ‘Chaser’ is an action thriller with a strong social message. The story revolves about a former detective turned pimp who chases a serial killer

Source: KBS World


6 thoughts on “K-movie Chaser attracts over 4 mil moviegoers

  1. i’ve read a lot of good reviews on this movie and i believe it’s definitely a much better movie than those hollywood ‘blockbusters’. Kim Yun Seok’s character reminds me a lot of Sol Kyeong Goo’s dirty detective character in Public Enemy. Ha Jeong Woo is quite in demand these days … and i really like his choice of movies so far (even the funny She’s On Duty!).

    gosh … it really irritates me to no end to know that there’s going to be a hollywood remake of the movie.

    by the way, Kim Yoo Jin’s Seven Days is quite good. have u seen it? another good thriller is Rainbow Eyes starring Kim Gang Woo of Le Grand Chef.

  2. LOL, I have yet to see Seven Days, Rainbow Eyes or Public Enemy. Although I have the OST MV of Rainbow Eyes. I’m trying to watch Le Grand Chef – currently downloading the movie – as I didn’t see it on sale here, yeah, desperate šŸ˜› Kim Kang Woo is šŸ™‚ cutie…

    I agreed with you on the hollywood remakes (of Asian movies). I’m still puzzled why they want to remake something that’s already good to watch on its own. Worse is they usually screw up the remake films.

  3. So many remakes…you know they are remaking My Sassy Girl? …so many that it is hard to track anymore. I’ll try watching the original! Good news is I have not seen aHollywood movie…since..a least a couple months if not more. They just are not interesting anymore. Last one I saw was “Legend” and that was such a -bleh- movie. The end totally sucked and it did not deserve as much hype it brought up.

  4. Hmm…there are still some interesting H-movies or English movies (from UK) around. I do intend to watch some fantasy flicks like The Water Horse, Spiderwick Chronicles, Mr. Magorium Wonder Emporium and Enchanted. The latest Indiana Jones movie will be out soon and the animated movie that I’m waiting to watch, Wall-E, will be out around June, which is just a few months away.

    As for all the remakes, yeah, the list is now so long, I’m not even tracking it anymore.

  5. yup … some of the British movies are much better than what Hollywood churned out these days. i love Hot Fuzz … so darn hilarious!! recently bought London to Brighton but haven’t watched it yet. also looking for Notes on A Scandal.

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