Cloud Pics 1

Today when I was walking home, the sky was overcast (dark clouds) and I couldnt believe that they (the clouds) could be so beautiful! So I took a few pictures πŸ™‚

Some of them reminds me of some other things, what do you think? Which one(s) that you like?

  • Date: 8th March, 2008
  • Time: around 7.00 pm
  • Place: Near my home

Their actual size is 640×480, click on the pics if you want to see the actual size.

#1: Godzilla is coming!

#2: It was supposed to have a brighter cloud in the middle, but when I finally have my camera readied, 😦 the darker clouds have almost covered it!! It’s just less than a minute!

#3-4: For the #4, I tried to get rid of the lamp post(s) πŸ˜›

#5-6: Err…just moved the camera around… still abstract-looking πŸ™‚

#7: The black shape looks like horseshoe…

#8: Hmm….

#9: Taking a closer look, that’s an interesting black thingy in the middle!

#10: The upper side (the black clouds) – does it looks like a scorpion?

#11: I like the streak of lights at the bottom…overall, it looks like a painting of heaven πŸ˜›

#12: Don’t mind the phone lines on the bottom right hand side πŸ˜› . Not as interesting as #11 though…

#13: Does the line of black clouds resemble a dragon’s body?

#14: The black clouds in the middle reminds me of a Greek guy (u know those Greek statues) with an outstretched arm…

#15: Another dragon…

#16: …

#17: Headless running man?? O_O

Credit: fangorn @


One thought on “Cloud Pics 1

  1. Someone was bored -or highly inspired-. You might have the fascination with clouds and the ability to create images out of its abstract shapes. To be honest, I did not see any of the images you saw (like the dragon), but it is a good thing you see it because it means that dragon was meant for you only. I like #5 the best. -haha-
    Personally, I like 雨.

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