Hirai Ken, Fakin’ Pop, album cover and tracklist

Ah..the tracklist. Will pre-order this ASAP 🙂 along with Chemistry’s Face to Face album. I have already received his “Canvas” single. This album cover is better than his single 😛 It’s a bit “playful” hahaha…

BTW, track #5, #7,  #10, #12 and #13 are totally new songs.

Album Title: Fakin’ Pop

Release: 12th March 2008


02 Kimi wa SU.TE.KI
03 Kimi no suki na toko
05 Pain
06 fake star
08 Utsukushii Hito
10 Twenty! Twenty! Twenty!
11 Bye My Melody
12 Itsuka hanareru hi ga kite mo (“Ano sora o oboeteru” theme song)
13 Shashin

Source: MUSICO, Hirai Ken’s English Forum

You may listen to the preview here.


3 thoughts on “Hirai Ken, Fakin’ Pop, album cover and tracklist

  1. I finally got around to downloading this album…I haven’t yet listened, but will soon. I’m sure I’ll like it since I’ve already heard a couple of the songs and like just about everything Ken Hirai has released. ^_^

  2. I have yet to download it but the album is already shipped to me on the 12th. However, won’t be arriving until next week or so :/ so ** off to download **

  3. Woah, the verse of the second song sounds so similar to ken hirai’s 2002 song ‘strawberry sex’! xD This song is from his most recent single, right? Nice, i LOVE his new songs, i.e. the ones that r made after 2000. ^^

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