Korean movie sequels/prequels

O_O Don’t really like it that K-movie follows the style of so many Hollywood movies. Even though there are some sequels/prequels that are well-made (and even better than the first one) but IMO, those are in the minority.

200 Pounds Beauty was originally based on a Japanese manga/novel (don’t remember which type it is) and now they are going to make a second movie – I wonder, will it be as entertaining as the first? What will be the theme this time? Bad idea, IMO.

As for The Host 2, which is a prequel to The Host, I wonder how they are going to tie-up with The Host. Or maybe no tie-up at all ??

Read about it in Variety Online… 


9 thoughts on “Korean movie sequels/prequels

  1. mmm … the only sequels that i like (though IMO not as good as the first movie) are Hi Dharma 2 and Mapado 2. sequels to Public Enemy, My Wife is A Gangster and My Tutor Friend to name a few, are quite disappointing.

    from what i’ve read, The Host 2 ‘takes place in the year 2003, a full 3 years before the time setting in the original’ movie. and it features not one but multiple monsters. my excitement for this sequel is dampened a bit after i found out that dir. Bong is not directing it. anyway, i hope it will turn out as good as The Host if not better.

  2. ^ yeah, it’s a prequel and the monsters count really made me think of Alien and Aliens.

    To tell you the truth, I have yet to watch any K-movie sequels – hmm…maybe the fact that I haven’t really get to watch that many K-movies 😛

    Have you heard of Tazza 2? I like Tazza (mainly because Jo Seung Woo was in it 😛 ) , I wonder if you know what it is about this time?

  3. I rarely have enough time to watch the originals ~ not enough time for prequels or sequels. >.<! Although it is true that things are turning more “Hollywood”, there still is that asian-cheesiness factor that we all love in our movies. To me, “Hollywood” is defined as making the most profit at the probable risk of ruining the story. It makes the original story lose its vivid meaning and potential. I would say, “read the book,” but that would make me such a hypocrit ㅠ.ㅠ

    I do think it is odd that a lot of dramas/movies are based on Japanese mangas. Are mangas the source of all Asian video entertainment? Of course!

    As for “The Host”, I did not really like the first movie, so i doubt I will ever watch the second. I have not seen tazza either. I am not such a big fan of gangster movies althoguh I do watch some occasionally.

  4. there is going to be a Tazza 2?? mmm … i wonder if it’s going to be the continuation of the first movie or not.

    IMHO, The Host is the best monster movie that i’ve watched because it is so different from the usual Hollywood-made monster movies. it’s not merely a story about monster but also a human drama, and element which is absent in most of the other monster movies that i’ve watched before. uh … i should’ve said ‘prequel’ not ‘sequel’ ne … heh heh.

  5. how to continue from the first one? If I remembered correctly, JSW character died right? dont remember what happened to Kim Hye Soo character though O_O

    I like The Host – watched it a few times already. And part of its success was also due to the cast ensemble – Song Kang Ho, Bae Doo Na, Park Hae Il (that’s the brother’s name right?), the grandfather (he’s famous but I don’t know his name) and of course, the director! I have yet to hear who’s going to be in The Host 2 and the director will be different so -___-“

  6. JSW character didn’t die but if i’m not mistaken some injuries had been inflicted on him (i think it’s his hand). Kim Hye Soo’s character was arrested and sent to prison. it’s Baek Yoon Shik’s character that was murdered in the movie.

    yeah … The Host has a great cast to begin with … they are all great actors, including the girl who played Song Kang Ho’s daughter (the movie is her film debut). you’re right, the name of the actor who played the brother is Park Hae Il and the grandfather’s name is Byeon Hi Bong. they have all previously starred in other Dir. Bong’s movies.

  7. Haha, maybe I should watch “The Host” again. Maybe I missed something~ or maybe I don’t generally like monster movies. I don’t know why I do not seem to “like” it as many others do.

  8. naah … it’s all a matter of one’s preference or taste also. like when i went to see Sweeny Todd, i was bored to death (even though i think Johnny Depp is the most deliciously beautiful Hollywood actor!!). but i was surprised to find out that the movie has been doing well which means that a lot of people like it including a few friends of mine. and i love Asian gangster movies …. such as those of Takeshi Kitano but some of my friends can’t bear to watch them either due to the violence or the disturbing elements in some of these movies. sometimes, i dislike a movie not because of the plot but because i can’t stand the actors in it … like i could hardly enjoy Park Chan Wook’s Cyborg cos i dun like Bi!! heh heh …

  9. 200 pound beauty is very nice movie….. many nice movie from korean like the host…. my wife is gangster 3 and many again……

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