[Pics] Lee Dong Wook Photoshoot

Some of the pictures LDW looked dorky and sometimes he looked real handsome. I like him best in suits with long jacket (coz he’s tall). Yeah, his image in My Girl was the image that I liked him the most. 🙂

Which one(s) do you like here?

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures, click for larger version for those thumbnail pics

Source: SINA / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


24 thoughts on “[Pics] Lee Dong Wook Photoshoot

  1. woooo yo …. he looks so handsome in the first pic. in the second pic (red t), with that hair, at first glance he looks like Shin Sung Rok. thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. From the point-of-view of me looking at ideas for a suit to wear for high school prom, I do not like any of them.

    From your experience looking at *cough— asian guys*, any suggestions on suits ^^? One constraint though, I tend to like darker colored suits and not any “office” (well not any American professional suits. Korean dramas always have guys in “fashion-able” suits at work).

    I made a joke once to a friend that I would wear the “prince” outfit from Goong.

  3. LOL, the prince outfit…

    IMO, suits have to be tailor-made to look good… u know, it has to fit the body. But those kinds are hmmm expensive ?

    Actually, referring to all the pics above, I liked the first one the most. Simple and classic. Oh and that black one that Wheesung wore (refer to the blog’s poster) 🙂 – that one is nice too, IMO. O_O I think they have similar cut/design.

  4. i love me some lee dong wook. thanks for sharing. i also think he looks best in suits. *sigh* what is it with me and men in suits.

  5. I think Lee Dong Wook is so handsome, and yes I love him in suits and his image in my girl the best, totally in love with him, haha, anymore recent news of him ? please pleaseplease post it here :)) btw, is he and lee da hae an item?

  6. ^ yeah, if I come across any news, I’ll post it here, don’t worry. As for the question if he and LDH are an item…can’t answer it coz I don’t know 🙂

  7. LOve Him Much!!!!!!! I Always look my own album about him every night before I go to bed…. unless….I can’t slEEEEEP without Him…..

  8. lee dong wook is so handsome.. I love lee dong wook so much.. I hope he married with lee da hae… Actually, I am come from brunei darussalam.. I am is lee dong wook’s fan..

  9. hi there,… i just recently viewed ur drama “MY Girl” and you are really a good actor. I really admire your acting and you hihi… hope to see you in person. ajahh

  10. Photoshots of him are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE really looks handsomes.Im his avd fan from Philippines. I watch My Girl always cause of him i have my own copy DVD of My Girl. Hope that he still have a coming series one more to be aired in Philipines. good luck Mr. Lee Dong Wook.

  11. hello Dong-Wook……i am one of your biggest fan from Malaysia and I would to say that I really like you and hope that you will success in everything you do….

  12. God bless to dong wook for his military training!!! I love him so much!!
    I hope he and Da Hae are really a couple in real life!

  13. can anyone please tell me where I could find complete series of “My Girl”…..I watched some of the episodes but I can’t find episodes 6,7,9, 11 and 13 with english sub pls or french

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