“Prime Minister” Kimura Takuya

WOW! I want to see this drama… it sounds so interesting! LOL, if the ratings hit the roof (again), he may *gasps* seriously think of being the *real* one :P… joking la, it takes a lot more to become the actual PM than role-playing one. But he will be one of the most good-looking PM (real or not) that I will ever see 🙂

Any TV drama series that stars Kimura Takuya is sure to be popular and almost guaranteed the best time slot. But in the upcoming spring series from TBS, Kimutaku not only has the prime 9pm Monday slot, he even gets to be Prime Minister. The as-yet untitled series tells of an elementary school teacher who gets thrown into the political arena and becomes Japan’s youngest ever leader. After decades of political mismanagement, the Japanese people are likely to tune in in large numbers to see what the country’s top star can do when put in charge. The series once again joins Kimura with writer Fukuda Yasushi and the team who made “Hero” one of the most popular TV dramas ever, with all 11 episodes getting an audience rating over 30%. Last year’s movie spinoff was the most successful domestic feature at the box office.

Source: Japan-Zone.com News


2 thoughts on ““Prime Minister” Kimura Takuya

  1. uummm… the plot sounds familiar… i think this could be a new version of a jdrama from the early 90’s?? or a kdrama… lol don’t know, but it really sounds like i’ve seen this before…

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